Sunday, March 29, 2009

Did Anybody Notice? Does Anybody Care?

I noticed and I care! In today's(UC)LA Times High School Basketball article on page C15, it was unbelievably there in black and white.

Three future basketball Trojans, Gary Franklin Jr., Renardo Sidney and Derrick Williams, were chosen to "The Times' All-Star Team". While only one future Bruin, Tyler Lamb, was chosen.

Three to one!

It must have been so difficult for Bruin beat writer Ben Bolch to choose the All-Star Team this year!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Still Waiting......But it is not about Love or Mayo!

(UC)LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire in his Friday, 3/27/09 article entitled "USC's Wright has charge reduced to misdemeanor" chose to write seven paragraphs about Shareece Wright's misdemeanor charge of resisting a police officer. Is this journalistic SENSATIONALISM just because Wright is a USC football player?

I'm still waiting until this same (UC)LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire writes a comprable article with a headline about UCLA football player E.J. Woods. Woods has been charged with two counts of sexual battery and four counts of battery. Will the UCLA Athletic Department again cite privacy matters? NO COMMENT as always? Will Lance Pugmire even go to Woods' trial? Or, will there be the usual Bruin cover up?

To the (UC)LA Times, Bruins don't ever get arrested, only Trojans!

It's just the usual Bruin B I A S !!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Real Compliment!

What a poignant (UC)LA Times article about Cal Berkeley Women's Basketball team coach, Joanne Boyle's recovery from a brain hemorrhage. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Boyle last weekend. We were hosts for the Cal team at the NCAA Women's Tournament at the USC Galen Center. After reading the article this morning entitled "Boyle, Cal move ahead, I want to compliment Robyn Norwood on her excellent journalism. Her article about Coach Boyle's "miracle" recovery was so "heart-warming"!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Front Page Picture !!!!

Yesterday's (UC)LA Times front page color picture shows a fully recognizable picture of UCLA's Nilola Dragovic and an unrecognizable picture of USC's DeMar DeRozan's back. USC whipped the Bruins by the score of 65-55!

Today's (UC)LA Times front page color picture rightfully shows USC's Taj Gibson, Daniel Hackett and Dwight Lewis celebrating USC's Pac-10 Tournament Championship win over ASU, but why is eliminated UCLA mentioned in the front page caption?

Because, the (UC)LA Times is biased for non-winner UCLA over CHAMPION...USC!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

UCLA player charged in assault!

If UCLA football player E.J. Woods was a Trojan, his assault charge would have put him on the front page of the (UC)LA Times sports page with a picture, no less!

Instead, the Bruin biased (UC)LA Times chose to "hide" his charge of two counts of sexual battery and four counts of battery on page C-9.

Will there be several follow-up articles on Woods? Will Coach Rick Neuheisel be lambasted for not taking appropriate action?

NO! There will be the usual media and UCLA cover-up!

After all, he is a Bruin not a Trojan!

What does SIX awesome dunks get you?

For USC's DeMar DeRozan....a front page color picture in the (UC)LA Times...of him fouling UCLA forward Nikola Dragovic!

What about publishing a color picture of the AWESOME dunk that Demar did putting back a missed USC free throw in the first half...over Dragovic!

Why does the (UC)LA Times insist on accentuating the negative for USC, instead of the positive?

They are Bruin BIASED!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kevin Love Got His "Just Deserts"!!!

The Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Lakers last night 110 to 90. (UC)LA Times reporter Mike Bresnahan gave former Bruin Kevin Love his "just deserts"! Love got a quarter size picture and caption on page C4, then a "Former UCLA star Kevin Love had 18 points and 14 rebounds, but he was also indicative of Minnesota's shooting woes, making only five of 17 shots" paragraph on page C5.

Four days earlier, when the Memphis Grizzlies lost to the Lakers, the same UCLA biased (UC)LA Times reporter Mike Bresnahan did not even mention former Trojan O.J. Mayo's name anywhere in his article or his picture caption.

NO "just deserts" for O.J. or USC!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Deserts? Not even a morsel.....

Where is the quarter-page picture of O.J. Mayo? Where is the two page "luminous" article about O.J. Mayo in the (UC)LA Times this morning?

I'm still waiting!

The Lakers beat the Memphis Grizzles last night at the Staples Center. Neither Mike Bresnahan nor Bill Plaschke even mentioned former USC great, O.J. Mayo in their articles. Mayo scored 17 points.

When Kevin Love and his Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Lakers at the Staples Center last September, Love was graced with a front page color picture and a two page "extra-luminous" article. Love scored 2 points.

Wait! Is that O.J. Mayo partially hidden in the front page picture this morning? I missed it at first, since his #32 is hard to decipher and his name is not in the caption.

Did O.J. Mayo get his "just deserts" from the biased (UC)LA Times?

Maybe a crumb, but NOT even a morsel!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Will O.J. Mayo Get His "Just Deserts"?

The Memphis Grizzles play the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at the Staples Center. I anxiously await the quarter-page, front page picture and two page article about O.J. Mayo tomorrow in the (UC)LA Times Sports Page. When the Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Lakers on September 14, 2008, Mark Heisler published a "glowing" article about former Bruin Kevin Love. Remember his "best outlet pass of any N.B.A. player ever" description about Love, who had played only 23 games thus far?

Win or lose, I expect a comprable "luminous" article and front page picture about former Trojan O.J. Mayo tomorrow!

Will O.J. Mayo get his "just deserts"?

See "just deserts" spelling at