Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who was SCORNED?

Just because Pete Carroll would not allow (UC)LA Times reporter Bill Plaschke to interview Joe McKnight after USC's Emerald Bowl victory over Boston College, Mr. Plaschke wrote a viscious "attack" article about the Trojans on Sunday, 12/27/09.

Mr. Plaschke used these accusatory words in his article: "deposition; broken the NCAA law; run interference with the NCAA; if Trojans had control; NCAA confusion; traveled on a cracked brick road; soiled; result in a lawsuit; reckless, foolish incident; if only they could find one (a strong athletic director); NCAA sanctions."

Don't give me any garbage about a woman scorned, Mr. Plaschke is a vindictive, SCORNED man!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Alleged Crime Did They Really Commit?

After reading (UC)LA Times reporter Bill Plaschke's article entitled "USC playing with fire" on Sunday 12/20/09, I asked myself this question:

"Why is Mr. Plaschke treating Trojans Reggie Bush, O.J. Mayo and now, Joe McKnight like they are criminals?"

What crime did they commit? NONE!

Then I wondered:

"Why hasn't Mr. Plaschke attacked UCLA Men's Basketball Coach Ben Howland (like he attacked USC Coach Pete Carroll in his article) for allowing Nikola Dragovic to continue playing after Dragovic was arrested for felony assault?"

Assault is a REAL CRIME!

The Answer: Bill Plaschke is a BIASED UCLA Lover and a USC Hater!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Can't Believe It Either!

After reading (UC)LA Times reporter Bill Plaschke's Sunday 11/29/09 "Not simply a take-a-knee-jerk reaction" article, I can't believe that Mr. Plaschke supported Pete Carroll's decision to keep competing. He even wrote that Rick Neuheisel was "acting like a brat."

I still can't believe it!

What a Time-Out!

UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel's time-out signaled the USC Offense to CONTINUE competing and to score a 48-yard touchdown bomb!

This same time out signaled his UCLA Defense to STOP competing and to not defend the USC pass play!

What a difference one little time-out made!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"No" is BAD and "Wrong" is OKAY...

In today's (UC)LA Times, Gary Klein reported tht Dave Cutaia, the Pac-10's co-ordinator of football officials, suspended an official in the USC-Oregon State game for a "no" call on a Taylor Mays personal foul. So, NO is BAD!

But, Dave Cutaia did not suspend the official in the USC-Notre Dame game for a "wrong" call on a bogus Taylor Mays personal foul. So, WRONG is OKAY!

Then, what is RIGHT?

Both Pac-10 officials should have been suspended!

Twelve not Eleven?

Evidently Bryce Yokomizo (10/24/09 (UC)LA Times Viewpoint Letters) didn't watch the same USC-Notre Dame game that I did. Upon further review, both personal foul penalties against USC's Taylor Mays were BOGUS!

The S.E.C. officials exalt Florida with penalties in the Gator's favor, while Pac-10 officials debase USC with bogus penalties against the Trojans.

The Trojans are up against 12 players, not 11, on every snap!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The S.E.C. Got It Right!

No reporter at the (UC)LA Times has brought up the fact that the Pac-10 officiating crew at the USC-Notre Dame last Saturday 10/17/09 blew at least three calls that affected the game. Foremost were two "no calls" against Notre Dame and one blatant "wrong" call against USC. Twice, the Irish tackled Joe McKnight and Matt Barkley out of bounds and were not whistled for a personal foul. Then, Trojan Taylor Mays was flagged with a personal foul for pushing a Notre Dame player after the player was out of bounds. The replay clearly shows that the Notre Dame player was inbounds when Taylor pushed him out of bounds to stop his forward progress.

Today the S.E.C. suspended the Florida-Arkansas officating crew that called a "bogus" personal foul on Arkansas near the end of the game last Saturday. That penalty affected the outcome of the game.

The S.E.C. got it RIGHT!

Why isn't the (UC)LA Times "blowing" the whistle on these sub-par, anti-USC Pac-10 officials?

It didn't happen to UCLA!

Friday, August 21, 2009

He's NOT My Prince Charming!

It was disgusting this morning that Bill Plaschke of the (UC)LA Times effused his love for new Bruin quarterback Kevin Prince in his front page article entitled, "Bruins think they've found their Prince".

But does Kevin Prince "Charming" really deserve a 6x9 color picture? That Prince picture is larger than any picture the (UC)LA Times has published of any USC football player this entire pre-season!

My "Prince" is USC's Taylor Mays! Taylor is personable and always gives everyone he meets a big smile and a big hug! In other words, he is "CHARMING"!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY!!!

The GOOD: This morning, (UC)LA Times sports reporter Baxter Holmes wrote that USC will honor incoming freshman linebacker Frankie Telfort's scholarship. USC doctors diagnosed Telfort with a genetic heart condition that will prevent the young linebacker from ever playing a second of football for the Trojans. Telford will be a pre-med major.

The BAD: This morning, (UC)LA Times sports reporter Paul Pringle wrote a "he said", "she said" ADVOCATE journalistic article filled with opinions, accusations and innuendoes. Mr. Pringle insinuates that Coach Pete Carroll broke NCAA rules by hiring special teams consultant Pete Rodriguez last season. More sensational garbage!

The UGLY: The (UC)LA Times chose to publish Frankie Telfort's three paragraph article in "THE DAY IN SPORTS' on page C-8 of the sports section. The GOOD! Then the same (UC)LA Times chose to publish Paul Pringle's two page article with pictures on the front page A-1. The BAD! Why is there a BIASED sports article on the front page, anyway?

Answer: This is UGLY, BIASED SENSATIONALISM just to attack USC!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Who is ONE and DONE?

Why did (UC)LA Times reporter Mark Heisler label USC's Demar DeRozan as "ONE and DONE" this morning in his article, while he refused to also label UCLA's Jrue Holiday as "ONE and DONE"?

Both collegiate players left their respective universities after their freshman seasons to enter the NBA Draft yesterday.

Last season The (UC)LA Times reporters always referred to USC's O.J. Mayo as "ONE and DONE" while UCLA's Kevin Love was never labeled as such!

Why is the (UC)LA Times so derogative to USC and so nice to UCLA?

They are BIASED for the Bruins over the Trojans!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Answer is NO!

Did I want to see a color picture of "one and done" Kevin Love on the front page of this morning's (UC)LA Times sports page.....just because he is a TWIT?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a RUSE!

Chris Dufresne's article this morning in the (UC)LA Times entitled: "Pacific 10 Chief reflects on tenure" was just an excuse to "Witch Hunt" USC again!

Yes! There are 10 teams in the Pac-10, but of the 17 questions that Mr. Dufresne asked Commissioner Tom Hansen, FIVE of them were about USC's investigation.

Disgustingly, Mr. Dufresne's fifth question assumes that USC is GUILTY until proven INNOCENT! The question is as follows:

Q. Hypothetically, how would you strip a national title from a football team? Unlike basketball, the NCAA doesn't run football.

We all know which Pac-10 team Mr. Dufresne was alluding to!

What a RUSE to keep attacking USC!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not Bill Plaschke Too!

Now (UC)LA Times reporter(?) Bill Plaschke is spewing his venom on anyone who wears Cardinal and Gold, especially President Sample and Mike Garrett!

I always knew that Mr. Plaschke had a "Blue" streak down his back.

Which (UC)LA Times reporter will be next to cast aspersions?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where is Tanya Harding when you need her?

This morning, (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Dufresne wrote that "USC and Floyd succumbed to a death "watch" penalty."

He than wrote that "More than two decades ago, Southern Methodist football received the "death penalty" for crimes committed against the NCAA."

What is Mr. Dufresne insinuating in his article? Does he proclaim that USC committed crimes against the NCAA? Does he hope that USC gets the "death penalty"?

In 1995, UCLA came closer to getting the "death penalty" than USC ever will. Wikipedia wrote this about Bruin Tanya Harding. "In 1995, Harding enrolled at UCLA for one trimester. She played on the squad that won the NCAA women's softball championships. She left the school after the tournament. However, due to recruiting and scholarship rule violations by UCLA, her participation was ruled ineligible by the NCAA, which disqualified UCLA and forced them to vacate the title."

UCLA was then placed on three years probation by the NCAA and was told, if another violation occurred during those three years, they (the Bruins) would receive the "death penalty".

In those three probation years, the (UC)LA Times reporters never mentioned that UCLA was on NCAA probation and never mentioned Tanya Harding's name again!

So why did Mr. Dufresne insinuate, unsubstantially, that USC will receive the "death penalty"?

He is biased for UCLA over USC!

What Spews Out of Chris Dufresne's Mouth?

Enough vicious words to make me want to throw up!

In his (UC)LA Times article this morning entitled, "Only harm is to hoops, so far", Mr. Dufresne spewed out his own "HARM" to USC Men's Basketball.

Quotes from his article are as follows: "his (Tim Floyd) departure was inconsequential; it's (USC basketball) going to be over for several years; piecing the time line together is more fun that(n) Sudoku; poisoned; And here comes the almost comical question: Who wants to coach USC basketball?; (Hire) Pittsburgh Coach Jamie Dixon: Last time anyone checked, he was smart-and nobody could want to get back to his home state this badly; inherit the specter; Turn out the lights at Galen Center; and it's only USC basketball being asked to take a long walk in a dark alley."

DOOM and GLOOM! BULLY them! Pour salt in their wounds! Kick them when they're down! Hit them below the belt! DEGRADE the remaining players on the USC team!

Would he spew such vicious words about the UCLA Bruins?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Now I Know Why!

Now I know why the (UC)LA Times is biased for UCLA over USC!

It is so obvious after reading Lance Pugmire's "NCAA seeks documents in inquiry of recruit Sidney" article this morning.

I quote Mr. Pugmire's article as follows: "A UCLA source, requiring anonymity because college representatives are not allowed to speak about recruits, said the school was concerned about how the family could afford to live in such a home." ($4,000 to $5,000 a month)

Didn't UCLA just committ an NCAA infraction? College representatives are not allowed to speak about recruits! A UCLA representative gave Lance Pugmire private information about a recruit!

Following NCAA rules, USC gave Lance Pugmire gave no such information to the (UC)LA Times!

What reporter is going to cut off the hand that feeds him?

That is why the (UC)LA Times is biased for UCLA over USC!

They don't want to silence their ILLEGAL source!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Bruin Gets Off Easy!

UCLA football defensive back E.J. Woods was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual battery and four counts of battery on March 28, 2009. His pretrial hearing was continued to June 24th. (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Foster wrote a mere 19 word blurb on page C-8 today, about this Bruin who is still on the football team.

This same (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Foster also wrote a "sensationalized" 19 paragraph article today about USC Coach Tim Floyd on page C-5. Naturally, former Trojan O.J. Mayo is mentioned, as well as the NCAA inquiry. This is the third article this week by the (UC)LA Times insinuating that USC is guilty of infractions.

Who is the real criminal here? Not Coach Floyd or O.J. Mayo!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

WHY???? Because!!!! Part II.

So WHY did the (UC)LA Times print Paul Pringle's special report about USC on the front page this morning?


1. It was a SLOW news day.

2. Are SCORNED because USC has stated "No Comment" to its reporters. WHY are UCLA's "No Comments" about any investigations honored, while USC's are portrayed as a cover-up?

3. Are REHASHING "old" news and passing it off as "new" news.

4. Are not RESPECTING USC's correct stance on the NCAA rules that Mr. Pringle, himself, quoted in his article this morning: "NCAA bylaws forbid schools from publicly disclosing information from the association's investigations until the probes are complete".

5. Are UTILIZING "Advocate Journalism" techniques in printing defamatory words about USC in its article: "scant, bizarre, lumbering, jock-centric campus, modest academic ambitions, fattened the university endowment, well-oiled revenue engine, and guard bolted for the NBA" (well, so did UCLA's Kevin Love!).

6. Are BELIEVING the word of two ex-convicts as reputable!


Because the (UC)LA Times covers up any UCLA investigations in its back pages and sensationalizes all of USC's on its front page!

Will the BIAS ever end?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

WHY? Because!

The Pac-10 just sanctioned UCLA's men's tennis program, stripped them of their 2008 Pac-10 title and awarded the title to USC! WHY?

Because the Bruins played an anonymous, ineligible player during the 2008 season. Where is the coverage article?

On p. 13 in "The Day In Sports" articles. WHY wasn't this article about UCLA's cheating reported on the front page?

Because the (UC)LA Times buries all of UCLA's indiscretions.

Has their been lack of institutional control by the Bruins before?

Yes, remember the UCLA softball player Tanya Harding? She was ruled to be ineligible and scholarship mishandling was proven. The NCAA made the UCLA women's softball team forfeit games and sanctioned the entire UCLA athletic department with probation for three years. WHY wasn't UCLA's CHEATING exposed on the front page?

Because the (UC)LA Times treats the Bruins with kid gloves and sensationalizes two ex-convict's unproven accusations against USC on the front page. WHY does the (UC)LA Times have such a discrepancy in coverage?

Because the (UC)LA Times is biased for UCLA over USC!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is the Difference between "No Comment" and "No Comment"?

When the UCLA Athletic Department states "No Comment" to (UC)LA Times reporters, there is nothing else written about any NCAA probe until the findings are made public.

A Bruin "No Comment" means INNOCENT until proven guilty.

When the USC Athletic Department states the same "No Comment" to (UC)LA Times reporters, the reporters, such as Chris Foster did this morning, sensationalize any NCAA probe. Foster used inflammatory words such as "free fall, spector and spectacular" in his article this morning.

A Trojan "No Comment" means GUILTY without a doubt!

When will the (UC)LA Times stop respecting a UCLA "No Comment" and debasing a USC "No Comment"?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Elimination rates a Headline?

Only the (UC)LA Times would give a "top of the page" headline to the eliminated UCLA Lady Bruins Softball Team, while giving a smaller "mid-page" headline to the NCAA CHAMPION USC Men's Tennis Team.

Today's "UCLA is eliminated in softball" headline is TWICE as large and is the LEAD headline of the "The Day in Sports" page, as compared to the smaller headline on Wednesday, 5/20/09 that the USC Men received in winning its 17th NCAA Tennis Team title.

Will the UCLA bias over USC ever end?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Headline? What Headline?

As expected from the (UC)LA Times.....USC's freshman Jennifer Song did NOT get a headline in this morning"s "The Day in Sports".

Why does Bruin Maria Jose Uribe's second day lead in the NCAA's Women's Golf Championship rate a big headline while Trojan Jennifer Song's third day lead in the same tournament gets no headline the next day?

NO Headline...Why?

The (UC)LA Times is biased for UCLA over USC!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Can't Wait to See the USC Women's Golf Headline!

This morning the (UC)LA Times gave UCLA's Maria Jose Uribe the headline, "UCLA's Uribe has two-shot lead", and an article about her lead in the NCAA Division I Women's Golf Championships after two days of competition.

Well, after three days in the NCAA Division I Women's Golf Championships, USC's Jennifer Song is now atop the leaderboard by two strokes over Purdue's Maria Hernandez and Bruin Maria Jose Uribe.

In the team competition, the USC Women of Troy are in first place by 1 stroke over ASU and by 3 strokes over UCLA.

I can't wait to see a comprable USC Women's Golf headline tomorrow morning in the (UC)LA Times "The Day in Sports" section: "USC's Jennifer Song has two-shot lead"

Will USC get the headline and article or will the Bruin B I A S live on?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is USC's 17th NCAA Men's Tennis Title Worth?

The USC Men's Tennis Team won its 17th NCAA Team Title yesterday.


What is that victory worth to the (UC)LA Times?

A headline the same size as a UCLA Bruin football quitter!

Will the bias never end?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Doesn't Make CENTS!

Professional men's tennis players make millions of dollars!

Professional women's softball players make? CENTS?

So, why did the (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Foster write numerous headline articles about UCLA's Women's Softball Team before and after their first round NCAA games last weekend? The Bruins are just in the Super-Regionals. They haven't even made it to the Softball World Series.

Then, the same (UC)LA Times has not written any separate articles (let alone with a headline) about the USC Men's Tennis Team, who is playing for its 17th Title in today's NCAA Men's Tennis Championship, after defeating Texas 4-1 in the semi-finals yesterday. This morning the (UC)LA Times only put a 34 word, two-paragraph blurb in the "ETC." section of "The Day in Sports" about USC's victory. The third paragraph of the blurb mentions UCLA losing to Ohio State 4-3 in the other semi-final.

No USC headline article. No players or coaches interviews. NOTHING!

This inverse coverage of sport's popularity is DUAL BIAS!!!

Bruin softball over Trojan tennis AND UCLA women over USC men!!!

It doesn't make CENTS!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

As if O.J. Mayo wasn't enough!

(UC)LA Times BIASED columnist Mike Ricigliano is at it again!

First he wrote a derogative calypso poem about former USC basketball star O.J. Mayo, and now he printed Mel Ricig Jr.'s "Shock Mock Draft" in this morning's "Letters". The #16 Mock Draft stated, "Chargers-Whatever USC guy that's left on the board (and not being investigated).

Just WHO is Mr. Ricig SLANDERING?

Both Mike Ricigliano and Mel Ricig Jr.'s INTEGRITY should be investigated!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it a CRUMB or is it just CRUMMY?

Memphis Grizzlie and former Trojan, O. J. Mayo, scored 20 points last night in a loss to the L.A. Lakers.

Did O.J. get a two page article and a picture praising his illustrious playing days at USC in the (UC)LA Times this morning? NO!

The (UC)LA Times only gave the two page article and picture to former Bruin, Kevin Love, when he scored just 2 points and lost to the L.A. Lakers in December 2008.

What did O.J. get? A ten word blurb by Mike Bresnahan..."Former USC star O.J. Mayo had 20 points for the Grizzlies".

O.J. Mayo didn't even get a CRUMB! His press coverage in the biased (UC)LA Times, compared to Kevin Love, is just CRUMMY!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Will O.J. Mayo finally get his "Just Deserts"?

I am waiting anxiously for the (UC)LA Times' article tomorrow about the Memphis Grizzlies versus the L.A. Laker's game tonight.

Will there be a front page color picture and caption about Memphis guard and former Trojan, O.J. Mayo?

Will there be a two page article about O.J. Mayo touting his USC career before he joined the N.B.A?

Will O.J. Mayo be called the "GREATEST" outlet passer (perhaps, scorer) of all time in the N.B.A.?

Former Bruin Kevin Love received his "just deserts" and all three of the above "Will" comments in a 12/15/08 article by the biased (UC)LA Times.

Will O.J. Mayo and USC get its "just deserts" tomorrow?

I'm still waiting!!!!!!

What Happened to "No Contest"?

According to (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Foster's article on Tuesday, 4/7/09, UCLA defensive back E.J. Woods entered "a plea of not guilty on four charges of sexual battery and two charges of battery" in a Los Angeles court.

What happened to the usual UCLA's athlete's plea of "No Contest"?

This "Not Guilty" plea will allow Mr. Foster to follow the hearing and write several articles about the results of each court day.....OR.....NOT!

The usual Bruin cover-up by a biased (UC)LA Times will occur!

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a Shock!

After reading (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Defresne's article this morning entitled, "Facing the truth about loyalty and coaches", I have a new closing statement. Mr. Defresne closed his article with these statements about Tim Floyd:

"The shocker, in the end, wasn't that USC's basketball coach was interested in the Arizona job.

The shocker was that Arizona wanted USC's basketball coach."

My new closing statement is as follows:

The shocker was that Arizona did NOT want UCLA's basketball coach.

(Guess Coach Howland doesn't rate with the coaches that Arizona has already offered the head coaching job to: Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Jeff Capel, Mark Few and Tim Floyd!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Did Anybody Notice? Does Anybody Care?

I noticed and I care! In today's(UC)LA Times High School Basketball article on page C15, it was unbelievably there in black and white.

Three future basketball Trojans, Gary Franklin Jr., Renardo Sidney and Derrick Williams, were chosen to "The Times' All-Star Team". While only one future Bruin, Tyler Lamb, was chosen.

Three to one!

It must have been so difficult for Bruin beat writer Ben Bolch to choose the All-Star Team this year!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Still Waiting......But it is not about Love or Mayo!

(UC)LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire in his Friday, 3/27/09 article entitled "USC's Wright has charge reduced to misdemeanor" chose to write seven paragraphs about Shareece Wright's misdemeanor charge of resisting a police officer. Is this journalistic SENSATIONALISM just because Wright is a USC football player?

I'm still waiting until this same (UC)LA Times reporter Lance Pugmire writes a comprable article with a headline about UCLA football player E.J. Woods. Woods has been charged with two counts of sexual battery and four counts of battery. Will the UCLA Athletic Department again cite privacy matters? NO COMMENT as always? Will Lance Pugmire even go to Woods' trial? Or, will there be the usual Bruin cover up?

To the (UC)LA Times, Bruins don't ever get arrested, only Trojans!

It's just the usual Bruin B I A S !!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Real Compliment!

What a poignant (UC)LA Times article about Cal Berkeley Women's Basketball team coach, Joanne Boyle's recovery from a brain hemorrhage. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Boyle last weekend. We were hosts for the Cal team at the NCAA Women's Tournament at the USC Galen Center. After reading the article this morning entitled "Boyle, Cal move ahead, I want to compliment Robyn Norwood on her excellent journalism. Her article about Coach Boyle's "miracle" recovery was so "heart-warming"!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Front Page Picture !!!!

Yesterday's (UC)LA Times front page color picture shows a fully recognizable picture of UCLA's Nilola Dragovic and an unrecognizable picture of USC's DeMar DeRozan's back. USC whipped the Bruins by the score of 65-55!

Today's (UC)LA Times front page color picture rightfully shows USC's Taj Gibson, Daniel Hackett and Dwight Lewis celebrating USC's Pac-10 Tournament Championship win over ASU, but why is eliminated UCLA mentioned in the front page caption?

Because, the (UC)LA Times is biased for non-winner UCLA over CHAMPION...USC!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

UCLA player charged in assault!

If UCLA football player E.J. Woods was a Trojan, his assault charge would have put him on the front page of the (UC)LA Times sports page with a picture, no less!

Instead, the Bruin biased (UC)LA Times chose to "hide" his charge of two counts of sexual battery and four counts of battery on page C-9.

Will there be several follow-up articles on Woods? Will Coach Rick Neuheisel be lambasted for not taking appropriate action?

NO! There will be the usual media and UCLA cover-up!

After all, he is a Bruin not a Trojan!

What does SIX awesome dunks get you?

For USC's DeMar DeRozan....a front page color picture in the (UC)LA Times...of him fouling UCLA forward Nikola Dragovic!

What about publishing a color picture of the AWESOME dunk that Demar did putting back a missed USC free throw in the first half...over Dragovic!

Why does the (UC)LA Times insist on accentuating the negative for USC, instead of the positive?

They are Bruin BIASED!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kevin Love Got His "Just Deserts"!!!

The Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Lakers last night 110 to 90. (UC)LA Times reporter Mike Bresnahan gave former Bruin Kevin Love his "just deserts"! Love got a quarter size picture and caption on page C4, then a "Former UCLA star Kevin Love had 18 points and 14 rebounds, but he was also indicative of Minnesota's shooting woes, making only five of 17 shots" paragraph on page C5.

Four days earlier, when the Memphis Grizzlies lost to the Lakers, the same UCLA biased (UC)LA Times reporter Mike Bresnahan did not even mention former Trojan O.J. Mayo's name anywhere in his article or his picture caption.

NO "just deserts" for O.J. or USC!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Deserts? Not even a morsel.....

Where is the quarter-page picture of O.J. Mayo? Where is the two page "luminous" article about O.J. Mayo in the (UC)LA Times this morning?

I'm still waiting!

The Lakers beat the Memphis Grizzles last night at the Staples Center. Neither Mike Bresnahan nor Bill Plaschke even mentioned former USC great, O.J. Mayo in their articles. Mayo scored 17 points.

When Kevin Love and his Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Lakers at the Staples Center last September, Love was graced with a front page color picture and a two page "extra-luminous" article. Love scored 2 points.

Wait! Is that O.J. Mayo partially hidden in the front page picture this morning? I missed it at first, since his #32 is hard to decipher and his name is not in the caption.

Did O.J. Mayo get his "just deserts" from the biased (UC)LA Times?

Maybe a crumb, but NOT even a morsel!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Will O.J. Mayo Get His "Just Deserts"?

The Memphis Grizzles play the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at the Staples Center. I anxiously await the quarter-page, front page picture and two page article about O.J. Mayo tomorrow in the (UC)LA Times Sports Page. When the Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Lakers on September 14, 2008, Mark Heisler published a "glowing" article about former Bruin Kevin Love. Remember his "best outlet pass of any N.B.A. player ever" description about Love, who had played only 23 games thus far?

Win or lose, I expect a comprable "luminous" article and front page picture about former Trojan O.J. Mayo tomorrow!

Will O.J. Mayo get his "just deserts"?

See "just deserts" spelling at

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whose Article Is It Anyway?

After reading (UC)LA Times sportswriter Chris Foster's "USC defends its home-court advantage" article this morning, I wondered, "Whose article is it anyway? USC's or UCLA's?

Mr. Foster mentioned either UCLA, Pauley Pavilion or a Bruin basketball player, TWELVE times in his article. Isn't Mr. Foster the USC beat writer?

Will the UCLA bias ever end?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"No Call" Hall has changed his name!

Kudos to (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Foster for exposing Referee David Hall as a biased referee in his Monday 2/16/09 article. Referee Hall was out of position to make the charging call on USC's Daniel Hackett, and he over ruled fellow referee Randy McCall's correct call. Mr. Hall should never be allowed to referee in a USC men's basketball game again! Henceforth, he is no longer known to Trojans everywhere as "No Call" Hall....he is now "BAD CALL" Hall !!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The USC Women of Troy Beat the UCLA Lady Bruins yesterday,

BUT, they LOST in the (UC)LA Times next day game coverage!!!!

In this morning's article entitled, "LeNoir, Oliver lead Trojans past Bruins", the article started out unbiased. Then the unknown author, who wrote the article from "Wire Reports" since he or she did not attend the game, wrote TWO paragraphs about the victorious USC women and Camille LeNoir's accomplishments and FOUR paragraphs touting three UCLA player's accomplishments. Twice as much coverage about the losing Bruins!

When will the bias ever end?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Still Waiting and Waiting.....

I anxiously opened up this morning's (UC)LA Times to read their article about the Laker's victory over the Memphis Grizzlies....Anxiously looking for a quarter page color picture and two page article about former USC player, O.J. Mayo. There was NOTHING!!!!

Afterall, when the Lakers beat the Minnesota Timberwolves on 12/14/08, the next day the (UC)LA Times praised Kevin Love (in a two page article) for his illustrious college career at UCLA and the 2 points that he scored against the Lakers.

This morning, (UC)LA Times writer Mike Bresnahan wrote one sentence about O.J.Mayo. I quote, "Former USC standout O.J. Mayo had 15 points for the Grizzlies". TEN words, ONLY! To add insult to injury, Mr. Bresnahan was wrong. O.J. actually scored 21 points!

I'm Still Waiting and Waiting for the BIAS to end!!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Arizona Here I Come!

Right back where I started from! HEY, wait a minute! I don't live in Arizona! So why did the (UC)LA Times publish a color picture of Arizona's Chase Budinger on page D10 and only a black and white picture of USC's Taj Gibson on page D4?

The answer: (Naturally UCLA got its front page color picture and second picture on page D5.) The (UC)LA Times is DOUBLY BIASED!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

As Usual......

As usual, the (UC)LA Times printed a larger picture (than the Bruin's picture) of the USC Men's Basketball team in this morning's newspaper just to MAGNIFY USC's loss to Washington last night.

As usual, Bruin Darren Collison was DEIFIED on the front page!

Monday, January 5, 2009

What is the Price for a Picture?

The price that the USC Men's Basketball team must pay for a next day game picture is a LOSS! So far this season, the (UC)LA Times has always published a picture of the UCLA Bruins the next day after a victory or a loss, and has never published a picture of the USC Trojans the next day after a victory or a loss, until today. There was no picture of the Bruins and only a picture of the Trojans. Just because the Trojans suffered an embarrassing LOSS!

What a price to pay for a measly picture!