Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not Baseball Too!

I loved reading today's (UC)LA Times "The day in sports" page. There, in BOLD BLACK letters, was U C L A while their opponent Pepperdine was in small letters. This blatant bias was more palatable though, since Pepperdine beat the Bruins in baseball yesterday 6 to 2.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

NOT Football Too! Two!

This morning the (UC)LA Times put two color pictures and an article about their "favorite" Bruins on the front page....just because UCLA is playing its spring football game tonight. On the morning (4/19/08) of USC's spring football game, there was no picture or article anywhere in the entire sports section about the upcoming USC game. The Trojans were relegated to the L.A. Their UCLA....B I A NEVER ending!

GOOD LUCK to a worthy scholar athlete....BUT

Why did the (UC)LA Times write an article about a "long shot" UCLA Rhodes Scholarship hopeful and NFL draft drop-out, Chris Joseph? There was no similar article in 2007 about USC's basketball player Reed Doucette.....Until, Reed actually W O N a Rhodes Scholarship!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Want me out of your hair, Bill?

If Bill Plaschke would just be fair in his articles about Kevin Love and O.J. Mayo, I would not have to write this blog and would literally be out of Bill Plaschke's hair.  HA!   Plaschke has not said a "kind" word about O.J. the entire season. O.J. has always been,   "one and done"   to Plaschke. I have taken the liberty to rewrite a portion of Bill Plaschke's article from this morning. Every time Love's name appeared in the article I substituted Mayo's name. I quote:

"Don't get me wrong, (O.J. Mayo) is a great kid, and during his brief time here he has been a model of class and grace.
By leaving for the NBA, he's doing the right thing. Any of us would do the same thing.
Deservedly, (O.J. Mayo) will soon have lots of money."

This quote is equally T R U E for Kevin Love and O.J. Mayo.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kevin Love, who?

Kudos to the (UC)LA Times Sports Viewpoint Editors! They printed Bill Ford's (a UCLA fan) letter this morning about the "LEGENDARY" Kevin Love. What legacy? Never thought that I would agree with a Bruin!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

NOT Football Too!

In today's (UC)LA Times articles about spring football practice, the Bruins got a larger headline, a larger font-size and a larger picture than USC's article. USC is the Pac-10 Champion and won the 2008 Rose Bowl! UCLA finished with a losing record of 6-7. The (UC)LA Times already gives the Bruins "TOP-BILLING" in basketball, now their bias includes football too!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Kudos to Jerry Crowe!

Thank you, Jerry, for your "heart-warming" article about USC's Ron Orr and Mike Nyeholt. What a friendship for "the ages" they have that benefits so many others!

How's your WHIPLASH, Bill?

I sure hope that Bill Plaschke's whiplash is not too serious! His overnight, 180 degree head turn, from "exalting" Ben Howland and his Bruins on Saturday 4/5/08 to "degrading" them on Sunday 4/6/08, surely was PAINFUL!     O U C H!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yes, Bill, it WAS no contest!

Bill Plaschke had a gameday article comparing the coaching styles of Memphis head coach John Calipari and his UCLA counterpart, Ben Howland (4/5/08). In the article, Plaschke continually put Coach Howland on a pedestal for his “attention to detail” while belittling Coach Calipari’s “cheerleading.” (I thought Bill usually reserves his "venom" for USC!) Plaschke concluded that the Bruins would be favored in the matchup “by one. One coach.”

Anyhow, after Memphis "schooled" UCLA by 15, I’d say Coach Howland and Bill Plaschke could learn a lesson or two from Coach Calipari. Acknowledging Calipari’s excellent coaching, CBS's Greg Anthony said it best: "A coach should MOTIVATE! Then, give [his] guys freedom to play." Boy, did the Tigers look motivated and free as they breezed by the Bruins into the title game!

Meanwhile, Howland obviously couldn't find a fresh copy of Final Four Coaching 101 and had to reuse lesson plans from his 2007 (or was it 2006?!) edition. Who's the better coach now, Bill?

Who's watching?

Jerry Crowe, in his Thursday 4/3/08 "Text messages from press row", for some unknown reason wrote, "As for USC's O.J. Mayo, he presumably will be watching......" (The Final Four)

Why is he picking on O.J.? I have one question for Jerry Crowe: Will UCLA's Kevin Love be watching the NCAA championship game on Monday night?