Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why did Paul Pringle bother?

As I read (UC)LA Times reporter Paul Pringle's article in the California Section (not the Sports Section) this morning, I wondered why was the article ever written?

Mr. Pringle reported NO new "News" about Pete Carroll and USC. All he did was to "SENSATIONALIZE" rehashed information.

His source, an internal Pac-10 report, never even stated Pete Carroll's name. How is Mr. Pringle privy to an "INTERNAL" report in the first place? Mr. Pringle, himself, made the assumption that the coach named in the report was Pete Carroll. For all I know, the coach that was UN-named could be UCLA's "Slick" Rick!

Of course, the (UC)LA Times would never print a similar article about UCLA!

Will the UCLA BIAS over USC ever end?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is NO PICTURE Worth?

Spring football practice is here for UCLA and USC.

On 3/30/10, 3/31/10, 4/10/10, and 4/13/10, (UC)LA Times reporters Sam Farmer, Chris Foster and Baxter Holmes wrote articles about UCLA's spring practice, and EACH article was accompanied by pictures of Bruin players. On those same days, Gary Klein either wrote articles about USC's spring practce with NO accompanying pictures, no articles were even published, or if there was a Trojan picture, it was always smaller than the Bruin picture.

So, in answer to the question, "What is NO PICTURE Worth?"

Continuing BIAS by the (UC)LA Times for UCLA over USC!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Only UCLA Plays Spring Sports!

The (UC)LA Times consistently reports the spring sport scores of their beloved Bruins in their "THE DAY IN SPORTS" section the next day. USC athletes compete in the same spring sports that the Bruins do, but the Trojan scores are NEVER reported!


USC Men's Volleyball clinched a berth in the MPSF Tournament with a 3-2 victory over Pacific last night.

USC Men's Tennis defeated Arizona 7-0.

USC Women's Tennis defeated ASU 5-2.

USC Baseball lost to CAL 16-9. Although, Oregon State beat the Bruins 4-1 in baseball, so the USC loss doesn't sting as much!

USC Women's Tennis is tied for second after the first day in the PING/ASU Tournament.

When will the UCLA BIAS ever end?

Monday, April 5, 2010


The (UC)LA Times could not BEAR to report that the USC Men's Volleyball team swept their BELOVED Bruins on Saturday 4/3/2010 night at the Galen Center.

They did not report the Trojan victory in their Sunday, 4/4/2010 "The Day in Sports" or in their Monday, 4/5/2010 "The Day in Sports".

If the Bruins had swept the Trojans, I'm sure that the (UC)LA Times would have reported that victory on Sunday or Monday.

Will the (UC)LA Times Bruin BIAS ever end?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doubly BIASED!

After enjoying seeing the USC men's volleyball team sweep UCLA, 30-26, 30-21, and 30-23 last night at the Gelen Center, I anxiously read the Sunday, April 4, 2010 (UC)LA Times "THE DAY IN SPORTS" section for coverage of the victory. NOTHING! No score, no blurb, NOTHING! In fact, none of USC's men's or women's Saturday scores were reported, at all. Only, the UCLA scores...in tennis, baseball and softball were reported.

Here comes the DOUBLE BIAS! The (UC)LA Times did not report the men's volleyball score because their "beloved" Bruins LOST!