Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"No" is BAD and "Wrong" is OKAY...

In today's (UC)LA Times, Gary Klein reported tht Dave Cutaia, the Pac-10's co-ordinator of football officials, suspended an official in the USC-Oregon State game for a "no" call on a Taylor Mays personal foul. So, NO is BAD!

But, Dave Cutaia did not suspend the official in the USC-Notre Dame game for a "wrong" call on a bogus Taylor Mays personal foul. So, WRONG is OKAY!

Then, what is RIGHT?

Both Pac-10 officials should have been suspended!

Twelve not Eleven?

Evidently Bryce Yokomizo (10/24/09 (UC)LA Times Viewpoint Letters) didn't watch the same USC-Notre Dame game that I did. Upon further review, both personal foul penalties against USC's Taylor Mays were BOGUS!

The S.E.C. officials exalt Florida with penalties in the Gator's favor, while Pac-10 officials debase USC with bogus penalties against the Trojans.

The Trojans are up against 12 players, not 11, on every snap!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The S.E.C. Got It Right!

No reporter at the (UC)LA Times has brought up the fact that the Pac-10 officiating crew at the USC-Notre Dame last Saturday 10/17/09 blew at least three calls that affected the game. Foremost were two "no calls" against Notre Dame and one blatant "wrong" call against USC. Twice, the Irish tackled Joe McKnight and Matt Barkley out of bounds and were not whistled for a personal foul. Then, Trojan Taylor Mays was flagged with a personal foul for pushing a Notre Dame player after the player was out of bounds. The replay clearly shows that the Notre Dame player was inbounds when Taylor pushed him out of bounds to stop his forward progress.

Today the S.E.C. suspended the Florida-Arkansas officating crew that called a "bogus" personal foul on Arkansas near the end of the game last Saturday. That penalty affected the outcome of the game.

The S.E.C. got it RIGHT!

Why isn't the (UC)LA Times "blowing" the whistle on these sub-par, anti-USC Pac-10 officials?

It didn't happen to UCLA!