Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Her Name is Amy!

(UC)LA Times reporter Kevin Baxter wrote an article this morning about the USA Women's Olympic Soccer Team.  The article entitled, "They seek a closing kick" was accompanied by a large color picture of three Olympic teammates.  Mr. Baxter named one player as Amy LePeilbet and the other two as (unknown) teammates.

A reporter who works for a Los Angeles newspaper did not recognize nor identify a former, local collegiate star in his picture, who helped her university win its first NCAA Women's Soccer title!

The Olympic teammate in the middle of the color picture is Amy Rodriguez!  She played soccer at USC in 2005-2008.  Her 2007 team won the Pac-10's first women's soccer NCAA title!  Amy won a Soccer Olympic Gold Medal in Beijing in 2008!

Why doesn't a (UC)LA Times reporter recognize a Los Angeles soccer star?

Because she is a Trojan, not a Bruin!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NCAA hammer doesn't nail it

(UC)LA Times reporter Chris Dufresne's title of his article this morning, "NCAA hammer doesn't nail it" is a misnomer.  The NCAA did "NAIL" USC with extreme sanctions.....not befitting the infraction.

Mr. Dufresne actually displayed some sympathy (too little, too late) for the Trojans in his article when he wrote, "People at USC are left to think:  So what Penn State did was only twice as bad as Reggie Bush's parents living rent-free in a condo?"

Why didn't the (UC)LA Times criticize the unfair extremity of the sanctions against USC two years ago?

They are anti-USC!