Thursday, July 30, 2009

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY!!!

The GOOD: This morning, (UC)LA Times sports reporter Baxter Holmes wrote that USC will honor incoming freshman linebacker Frankie Telfort's scholarship. USC doctors diagnosed Telfort with a genetic heart condition that will prevent the young linebacker from ever playing a second of football for the Trojans. Telford will be a pre-med major.

The BAD: This morning, (UC)LA Times sports reporter Paul Pringle wrote a "he said", "she said" ADVOCATE journalistic article filled with opinions, accusations and innuendoes. Mr. Pringle insinuates that Coach Pete Carroll broke NCAA rules by hiring special teams consultant Pete Rodriguez last season. More sensational garbage!

The UGLY: The (UC)LA Times chose to publish Frankie Telfort's three paragraph article in "THE DAY IN SPORTS' on page C-8 of the sports section. The GOOD! Then the same (UC)LA Times chose to publish Paul Pringle's two page article with pictures on the front page A-1. The BAD! Why is there a BIASED sports article on the front page, anyway?

Answer: This is UGLY, BIASED SENSATIONALISM just to attack USC!!!