Saturday, February 13, 2010

Four Slaps in the Face!

First Slap: This morning's (UC)LA Times Sport's front page has an 8x6.5 inch color picture of Russell Westbrook. Westbrook scored 40 points in a LOSING effort for NBA Sophomores in the "Rookie Challenge" game.

Second Slap: Reporter Ben Bolch identified Westbrook in his article as a "former UCLA star".

Third Slap: Reporter Bolch, in the same "Rookies are up to challenge" article never mentioned that DeMar DeRozan, who won the "Dunk-In" against the Clipper's Eric Gordon, was a former USC star.

Fourth Slap: There is an 8x6.5 picture on page C-4 of Eric Gordon dunking the ball in a LOSING effort against former Trojan, DeMar DeRozan.

Why does the (UC)LA Times exalt L O S E R S and ignore winners?

They are BIASED for UCLA!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Right There in Living Color !!!

Will the UCLA BIAS ever end?

In this morning's (UC)LA Times Sports section on page C-11, there was a COLOR picture of the Bruin's men's basketball team, accompanied by Chris Foster's article about their loss to Cal.

On page C-10, there was a BLACK and WHITE picture of the USC men's basketball team, accompanied by Baxter Holmes's article about their win over Stanford.

Why does a UCLA LOSS get better coverage than a USC WIN?

Answer: The (UC)LA Times loves UCLA!!!

However: USC basketball fans would love to see a COLOR picture of the Bruins twice a week, if it means that they LOST both games that week !!