Sunday, May 31, 2009

WHY???? Because!!!! Part II.

So WHY did the (UC)LA Times print Paul Pringle's special report about USC on the front page this morning?


1. It was a SLOW news day.

2. Are SCORNED because USC has stated "No Comment" to its reporters. WHY are UCLA's "No Comments" about any investigations honored, while USC's are portrayed as a cover-up?

3. Are REHASHING "old" news and passing it off as "new" news.

4. Are not RESPECTING USC's correct stance on the NCAA rules that Mr. Pringle, himself, quoted in his article this morning: "NCAA bylaws forbid schools from publicly disclosing information from the association's investigations until the probes are complete".

5. Are UTILIZING "Advocate Journalism" techniques in printing defamatory words about USC in its article: "scant, bizarre, lumbering, jock-centric campus, modest academic ambitions, fattened the university endowment, well-oiled revenue engine, and guard bolted for the NBA" (well, so did UCLA's Kevin Love!).

6. Are BELIEVING the word of two ex-convicts as reputable!


Because the (UC)LA Times covers up any UCLA investigations in its back pages and sensationalizes all of USC's on its front page!

Will the BIAS ever end?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

WHY? Because!

The Pac-10 just sanctioned UCLA's men's tennis program, stripped them of their 2008 Pac-10 title and awarded the title to USC! WHY?

Because the Bruins played an anonymous, ineligible player during the 2008 season. Where is the coverage article?

On p. 13 in "The Day In Sports" articles. WHY wasn't this article about UCLA's cheating reported on the front page?

Because the (UC)LA Times buries all of UCLA's indiscretions.

Has their been lack of institutional control by the Bruins before?

Yes, remember the UCLA softball player Tanya Harding? She was ruled to be ineligible and scholarship mishandling was proven. The NCAA made the UCLA women's softball team forfeit games and sanctioned the entire UCLA athletic department with probation for three years. WHY wasn't UCLA's CHEATING exposed on the front page?

Because the (UC)LA Times treats the Bruins with kid gloves and sensationalizes two ex-convict's unproven accusations against USC on the front page. WHY does the (UC)LA Times have such a discrepancy in coverage?

Because the (UC)LA Times is biased for UCLA over USC!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is the Difference between "No Comment" and "No Comment"?

When the UCLA Athletic Department states "No Comment" to (UC)LA Times reporters, there is nothing else written about any NCAA probe until the findings are made public.

A Bruin "No Comment" means INNOCENT until proven guilty.

When the USC Athletic Department states the same "No Comment" to (UC)LA Times reporters, the reporters, such as Chris Foster did this morning, sensationalize any NCAA probe. Foster used inflammatory words such as "free fall, spector and spectacular" in his article this morning.

A Trojan "No Comment" means GUILTY without a doubt!

When will the (UC)LA Times stop respecting a UCLA "No Comment" and debasing a USC "No Comment"?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Elimination rates a Headline?

Only the (UC)LA Times would give a "top of the page" headline to the eliminated UCLA Lady Bruins Softball Team, while giving a smaller "mid-page" headline to the NCAA CHAMPION USC Men's Tennis Team.

Today's "UCLA is eliminated in softball" headline is TWICE as large and is the LEAD headline of the "The Day in Sports" page, as compared to the smaller headline on Wednesday, 5/20/09 that the USC Men received in winning its 17th NCAA Tennis Team title.

Will the UCLA bias over USC ever end?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Headline? What Headline?

As expected from the (UC)LA Times.....USC's freshman Jennifer Song did NOT get a headline in this morning"s "The Day in Sports".

Why does Bruin Maria Jose Uribe's second day lead in the NCAA's Women's Golf Championship rate a big headline while Trojan Jennifer Song's third day lead in the same tournament gets no headline the next day?

NO Headline...Why?

The (UC)LA Times is biased for UCLA over USC!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Can't Wait to See the USC Women's Golf Headline!

This morning the (UC)LA Times gave UCLA's Maria Jose Uribe the headline, "UCLA's Uribe has two-shot lead", and an article about her lead in the NCAA Division I Women's Golf Championships after two days of competition.

Well, after three days in the NCAA Division I Women's Golf Championships, USC's Jennifer Song is now atop the leaderboard by two strokes over Purdue's Maria Hernandez and Bruin Maria Jose Uribe.

In the team competition, the USC Women of Troy are in first place by 1 stroke over ASU and by 3 strokes over UCLA.

I can't wait to see a comprable USC Women's Golf headline tomorrow morning in the (UC)LA Times "The Day in Sports" section: "USC's Jennifer Song has two-shot lead"

Will USC get the headline and article or will the Bruin B I A S live on?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is USC's 17th NCAA Men's Tennis Title Worth?

The USC Men's Tennis Team won its 17th NCAA Team Title yesterday.


What is that victory worth to the (UC)LA Times?

A headline the same size as a UCLA Bruin football quitter!

Will the bias never end?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It Doesn't Make CENTS!

Professional men's tennis players make millions of dollars!

Professional women's softball players make? CENTS?

So, why did the (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Foster write numerous headline articles about UCLA's Women's Softball Team before and after their first round NCAA games last weekend? The Bruins are just in the Super-Regionals. They haven't even made it to the Softball World Series.

Then, the same (UC)LA Times has not written any separate articles (let alone with a headline) about the USC Men's Tennis Team, who is playing for its 17th Title in today's NCAA Men's Tennis Championship, after defeating Texas 4-1 in the semi-finals yesterday. This morning the (UC)LA Times only put a 34 word, two-paragraph blurb in the "ETC." section of "The Day in Sports" about USC's victory. The third paragraph of the blurb mentions UCLA losing to Ohio State 4-3 in the other semi-final.

No USC headline article. No players or coaches interviews. NOTHING!

This inverse coverage of sport's popularity is DUAL BIAS!!!

Bruin softball over Trojan tennis AND UCLA women over USC men!!!

It doesn't make CENTS!