Thursday, July 29, 2010


What was newsworthy in this morning's (UC)LA Times article entitled "BCS title goes without saying"?


Reporter Chris Dufresne wrote that "USC effectively forfeited the BCS title when it accepted that Bush was ineligible".

What is newsworthy about that information?

Why did he write such an INANE article?

Mr. Dufresne hates USC!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Pete Carroll is GONE to the Seattle Seahawks, but he is not FORGOTTEN by the (UC)LA Times! Reporter Paul Pringle's Wednesday 7/14/10 article entitled, "Carroll's rules violation could hurt USC's case" rehashed, yet again, all the sanctions against USC and Coach Carroll's hiring of an extra coach. The article was in the LATEXTRA section, not the Sports Page. Guess the (UC)LA times wants to reach as many readers as they can to tarnish USC's image even more! Will the sanctions be publicized every week for the next four years by (UC)LA Times articles?

When the UCLA Bruins were on their four year NCAA probation in 1997 to 2000 because of the Tanya Harding women's softball scandal, the (UC)LA Times didn't rehash their sanctions at all. They were FORGOTTEN!

When will the USC sanctions barrage ever be GONE and FORGOTTEN?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three Trojans and Three Bruins!!!

Three Trojans left the USC Football team for their own personal reasons. The (UC)LA Times sensationalized their departure with big headlines and lengthy articles by reporter Gary Klein and essentially insinuated that NCAA sanctions were the reason.

Three Bruins were suspended (not kicked off!) the UCLA Football team because they were arrested for FELONY theft. The (UC)LA Times minimized their arrest with two small headlines and a few paragraphs by reporter Chris Foster. Will their indictment and their trial be sensationalized by the (UC)LA Times? Are you kidding? Not their beloved Bruins!

Just remember, the Bruins are the suspected FELONS, not the Trojans.

Just another example of the (UC)LA Times bias for UCLA over USC!

What Does a Headline Tell?

(UC)LA Times reporter Chris Foster breaks the story on 6/26/2010 about three UCLA Freshmen, Joshua Shirley, Shaquille Richardson and Paul Richardson, being arrested for FELONY burglary. Mr. Foster gets a SMALL headline and article. Will there ever be any follow-up articles on their trial?

(UC)LA Times reporter Gary Klein wrote the story on Wednesday, 7/7/2010 about incoming Freshman recruit Seantrel Henderson being released by USC from his national letter of intent. Mr. Klein gets a LARGE headline and article. All the undeserved, excessive NCAA sanctions are rehashed again. No Trojans committed a FELONY!

As usual, any UCLA arrests are given LITTLE press, so that the UCLA image is not hurt, while, USC's harsh, unfair, severe NCAA sanctions are given EXCESSIVE press, so that the USC image is ruined.

As usual, the (UC)LA Times BIAS for UCLA over USC is so apparent!