Monday, December 12, 2011

NO HEADLINE tells it all!

The (UC)LA Times Sunday, 12/11/2011 "THE DAY IN SPORTS" section featured the HEADLINE, "UCLA advances to final four."

The (UC)LA Times Monday, 12/12/2011 "THE DAY IN SPORTS" section has NO HEADLINE for the USC Women's Volleyball Team. The Women of Troy beat the Pepperdine Women 3-2 in Hawaii to advance to the Final Four.

Where is the HEADLINE for USC?

When will the (UC)LA Times BIAS for UCLA over USC ever end?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The HEADLINE tells it all, AGAIN!

Sunday's 12/11/2011 (UC)LA Times gave the UCLA Lady Bruin's Volleyball team another headline. In the ETC. section, the headline read, "UCLA advances to final four." There was a mention that "The Trojans advanced late Friday night with a 3-2 victory against Hawaii 19-25, 29-27, 19-25, 25-23, 15-12."

The USC victory over Hawaii on Friday, 12/10/2011, deserved better coverage. The victory was thrilling to the last set. Alex Jupiter, the 2011 Pac-12 Conference Player of the Year, registered 33 kils and 26 digs in the victory! Her name was never mentioned in the blurb. Her picture, unlike UCLA's Rachel Kidder's on Saturday, 12/10/2011, was not printed.

Perhaps, the (UC)LA Times can redeem itself from its UCLA BIAS, and write a decent article that USC defeated Pepperdine on Saturday 12/11/2011 to advance to the Final Four.

Could there even be a USC HEADLINE?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The HEADLINE tells it all!

Why does a third round NCAA Women's Volleyball victory by the Lady Bruins over Penn State deserve a 5/8th inch full page HEADLINE in today's 12/10/11 (UC)LA Times sports page?

Monday's 12/5/11 (UC)LA Times sports page gave NO HEADLINE to the USC Men's Water Polo Team when they defeated UCLA to win their history making 4th consecutive NCAA Water Polo title!

WHY? Because the (UC)LA Times is always BIASED for UCLA over USC!

The HEADLINE tells it all!