Sunday, September 4, 2011

To Whom the Boos Tolled?

I attended the USC football victory over Minnesota yesterday. I did not hear the "thousands of boos" protesting the "two-point madness" that (UC)LA Times sports reporter Bill Plaschke heard. As he wrote in his article this morning, Sunday 9/4/2011, that the Trojans showed the "arrogance that knocked this program to its knees" by attempting two two-point conversions that failed, I disagree! The players did indeed FIGHT ON for their victory!

Perhaps, Mr. Plaschke's statement "As I walked down through the stands to the sidelines at the start of that last push, even ushers were shouting to me about it" (the two two-point conversion failures), misinterpreted "To Whom the Boos Tolled"!

The Trojan fans were booing you, Bill Plaschke, for your blatant love of UCLA and for your arrogance, your sarcasm, your mean-spirited opinions, and your bully attitude toward USC!