Saturday, April 25, 2009

As if O.J. Mayo wasn't enough!

(UC)LA Times BIASED columnist Mike Ricigliano is at it again!

First he wrote a derogative calypso poem about former USC basketball star O.J. Mayo, and now he printed Mel Ricig Jr.'s "Shock Mock Draft" in this morning's "Letters". The #16 Mock Draft stated, "Chargers-Whatever USC guy that's left on the board (and not being investigated).

Just WHO is Mr. Ricig SLANDERING?

Both Mike Ricigliano and Mel Ricig Jr.'s INTEGRITY should be investigated!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it a CRUMB or is it just CRUMMY?

Memphis Grizzlie and former Trojan, O. J. Mayo, scored 20 points last night in a loss to the L.A. Lakers.

Did O.J. get a two page article and a picture praising his illustrious playing days at USC in the (UC)LA Times this morning? NO!

The (UC)LA Times only gave the two page article and picture to former Bruin, Kevin Love, when he scored just 2 points and lost to the L.A. Lakers in December 2008.

What did O.J. get? A ten word blurb by Mike Bresnahan..."Former USC star O.J. Mayo had 20 points for the Grizzlies".

O.J. Mayo didn't even get a CRUMB! His press coverage in the biased (UC)LA Times, compared to Kevin Love, is just CRUMMY!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Will O.J. Mayo finally get his "Just Deserts"?

I am waiting anxiously for the (UC)LA Times' article tomorrow about the Memphis Grizzlies versus the L.A. Laker's game tonight.

Will there be a front page color picture and caption about Memphis guard and former Trojan, O.J. Mayo?

Will there be a two page article about O.J. Mayo touting his USC career before he joined the N.B.A?

Will O.J. Mayo be called the "GREATEST" outlet passer (perhaps, scorer) of all time in the N.B.A.?

Former Bruin Kevin Love received his "just deserts" and all three of the above "Will" comments in a 12/15/08 article by the biased (UC)LA Times.

Will O.J. Mayo and USC get its "just deserts" tomorrow?

I'm still waiting!!!!!!

What Happened to "No Contest"?

According to (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Foster's article on Tuesday, 4/7/09, UCLA defensive back E.J. Woods entered "a plea of not guilty on four charges of sexual battery and two charges of battery" in a Los Angeles court.

What happened to the usual UCLA's athlete's plea of "No Contest"?

This "Not Guilty" plea will allow Mr. Foster to follow the hearing and write several articles about the results of each court day.....OR.....NOT!

The usual Bruin cover-up by a biased (UC)LA Times will occur!

Friday, April 3, 2009

What a Shock!

After reading (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Defresne's article this morning entitled, "Facing the truth about loyalty and coaches", I have a new closing statement. Mr. Defresne closed his article with these statements about Tim Floyd:

"The shocker, in the end, wasn't that USC's basketball coach was interested in the Arizona job.

The shocker was that Arizona wanted USC's basketball coach."

My new closing statement is as follows:

The shocker was that Arizona did NOT want UCLA's basketball coach.

(Guess Coach Howland doesn't rate with the coaches that Arizona has already offered the head coaching job to: Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Jeff Capel, Mark Few and Tim Floyd!)