Sunday, April 20, 2008

Want me out of your hair, Bill?

If Bill Plaschke would just be fair in his articles about Kevin Love and O.J. Mayo, I would not have to write this blog and would literally be out of Bill Plaschke's hair.  HA!   Plaschke has not said a "kind" word about O.J. the entire season. O.J. has always been,   "one and done"   to Plaschke. I have taken the liberty to rewrite a portion of Bill Plaschke's article from this morning. Every time Love's name appeared in the article I substituted Mayo's name. I quote:

"Don't get me wrong, (O.J. Mayo) is a great kid, and during his brief time here he has been a model of class and grace.
By leaving for the NBA, he's doing the right thing. Any of us would do the same thing.
Deservedly, (O.J. Mayo) will soon have lots of money."

This quote is equally T R U E for Kevin Love and O.J. Mayo.

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