Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mayo is I N !

Thank you Steve Springer for writing this morning that USC's O.J. Mayo was selected "to the select team that will practice with the U.S. Olympic squad."

However, if Mr. Springer had bothered to know O.J. a little bit better last season, he would know that O.J. was a "model citizen" at USC, was "very personable", didn't "big-time anybody" and signed autographs for everyone after the USC-Stanford home game. Thanks for printing all the above compliments about O.J. now!

Lastly, thank you Mr. Springer for quoting O.J.'s response to "a reporter who asked O.J. if he was confident the charges would be dropped." O.J.'s reply is as follows:

"Charges? There are no charges. There are only allegations. Are you trying to get me in trouble with the law? I am confident the allegations will be dropped."

FIGHT ON, O.J.!!!!

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