Monday, January 4, 2010

Ignore the Bruins! Persecute the Trojans!

After reading (UC)LA Times reporter Bill Plaschke's article this morning, entitled "USC takes action, waits to see reaction", I wondered why Mr. Plaschke kept bringing up Joe McKnight's car incident, in a basketball matter.

Mr. Plaschke must have long term memory loss. He has conveniently forgotten former UCLA Bruin Deshaun Foster. In 2000, Mr. Foster drove an infamous Ford Bronco that did not belong to him. What NCAA sanctions did the UCLA Football team suffer? N O N E ! So why is Mr. Plaschke persecuting Joe McKnight?

Currently, in basketball, Mr. Plaschke has not reprimanded UCLA Coach Ben Howland for allowing an arrested, alleged felon, Nikola Dragovic, to still remain on their basketball team. No athlete, currently at USC, has been arrested for a felony!

Why? Bill Plaschke loves UCLA and hates USC!

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