Saturday, February 13, 2010

Four Slaps in the Face!

First Slap: This morning's (UC)LA Times Sport's front page has an 8x6.5 inch color picture of Russell Westbrook. Westbrook scored 40 points in a LOSING effort for NBA Sophomores in the "Rookie Challenge" game.

Second Slap: Reporter Ben Bolch identified Westbrook in his article as a "former UCLA star".

Third Slap: Reporter Bolch, in the same "Rookies are up to challenge" article never mentioned that DeMar DeRozan, who won the "Dunk-In" against the Clipper's Eric Gordon, was a former USC star.

Fourth Slap: There is an 8x6.5 picture on page C-4 of Eric Gordon dunking the ball in a LOSING effort against former Trojan, DeMar DeRozan.

Why does the (UC)LA Times exalt L O S E R S and ignore winners?

They are BIASED for UCLA!

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