Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sense of ENTITLEMENT !!!

After reading (UC)LA Times reporter Bill Plaschke's article entitled "GIVE IT UP, REGGIE" in this morning's 9/8/2010 sports page, I wondered, just who has a "sense of entitlement"? Is it all the USC football players and Coach Pete Carroll that Mr. Plaschke berated, mocked and ridiculed in his article? Or is it Bill Plaschke himself? Mr. Plaschke is still bitter that Coach Pete Carroll stepped between Joe McKnight and himself after the 2009 Emerald Bowl, when he tried to interview the running back. Why is Bill Plaschke ENTITLED to demand an interview? Why is he ENTITLED to constantly write demeaning articles about USC Football players and coaches? Why does he have such a "sense of entitlement"?

Answer: The (UC)LA Times fuels his "sense of entitlement" when it constantly publishes his garbage.

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