Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When is a rule a RULE?

The NCAA ruled that Cam Newton's dad broke the rules when he sought money for his son's college recruitment. BUT, the NCAA ruled that Cam and Auburn did NOT know. Therefore, he is still eligible to play this weekend in the SEC title game.

The NCAA ruled that Reggie Bush's mom and dad broke the rules when they received money for their son's NFL recruitment. THEN, the NCAA threw the book at Reggie and USC because they said that Reggie and the coaches knew.

When is a rule a RULE? Why punish a Pac-10 school and let an SEC school off with no punishment?

Why am I writing this article in my UCLA blog? I am waiting to see how biased the (UC)LA Times is going to be about this incident. Will they support USC and the Pac-Ten? Will they condemn the NCAA, the SEC and Auburn?

When is a rule a RULE?

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