Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Difference in Legacies

After reading (UC)LA Times Reporter Bill Dwyre's article entitled "Paterno missed cue from Wooden" on Tuesday, January 23, 2012, I agree with and disagree with Mr. Dwyre's premises.

Yes, John Wooden's legacy was more or less untarnished because he out-lived Sam Gilbert. Whereas, Joe Paterno's legacy has been tarnished, and there is no chance to redeem himself since he passed away before Jerry Sandusky.

In disagreement, The (UC)LA Times has not wanted to tarnish John Wooden's legacy over all these years. How? Only one investigative article pertaining to Sam Gilbert was published in the (UC)LA Times after Coach Wooden passed away. Then, nothing more. Why? The (UC)LA Times wants to keep UCLA's image pure.

What if Coach Wooden was a Trojan, not a Bruin?

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