Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As Expected!

The USC Baseball Team beat the UCLA Baseball Team 8-4 in the third game of the Dodger Stadium College Baseball Classic on Sunday, 8/8/2015. As Expected....the (UC)LA Times, in its Monday, 8/9/15 sports page, did not write any article about USC's magnificent three victories over three ranked teams: TCU, Vanderbilt and UCLA in ONE weekend. There was a mere mention of the Trojan's winning score in their "Day In Sports." If the Bruins had accomplished this fantastic feat, the (UC)LA Times would have written an article each day.

When will the (UC)LA Times BIAS for UCLA over USC ever end?

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Trojan.gary said...

I noticed the same thing about the lack of coverage by the Times. It was disgusting!. I was extremely proud of the way our baseball team performed last weekend!. Unfortunately I went to watch them play UCI and didn't see the same team that swept the Big 3. Probably used up all our pitching over the weekend. Not to mention that Gillespie always had a special welcome waiting when his ex-team comes to visit