Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Spews Out of Chris Dufresne's Mouth?

Enough vicious words to make me want to throw up!

In his (UC)LA Times article this morning entitled, "Only harm is to hoops, so far", Mr. Dufresne spewed out his own "HARM" to USC Men's Basketball.

Quotes from his article are as follows: "his (Tim Floyd) departure was inconsequential; it's (USC basketball) going to be over for several years; piecing the time line together is more fun that(n) Sudoku; poisoned; And here comes the almost comical question: Who wants to coach USC basketball?; (Hire) Pittsburgh Coach Jamie Dixon: Last time anyone checked, he was smart-and nobody could want to get back to his home state this badly; inherit the specter; Turn out the lights at Galen Center; and it's only USC basketball being asked to take a long walk in a dark alley."

DOOM and GLOOM! BULLY them! Pour salt in their wounds! Kick them when they're down! Hit them below the belt! DEGRADE the remaining players on the USC team!

Would he spew such vicious words about the UCLA Bruins?

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