Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where is Tanya Harding when you need her?

This morning, (UC)LA Times reporter Chris Dufresne wrote that "USC and Floyd succumbed to a death "watch" penalty."

He than wrote that "More than two decades ago, Southern Methodist football received the "death penalty" for crimes committed against the NCAA."

What is Mr. Dufresne insinuating in his article? Does he proclaim that USC committed crimes against the NCAA? Does he hope that USC gets the "death penalty"?

In 1995, UCLA came closer to getting the "death penalty" than USC ever will. Wikipedia wrote this about Bruin Tanya Harding. "In 1995, Harding enrolled at UCLA for one trimester. She played on the squad that won the NCAA women's softball championships. She left the school after the tournament. However, due to recruiting and scholarship rule violations by UCLA, her participation was ruled ineligible by the NCAA, which disqualified UCLA and forced them to vacate the title."

UCLA was then placed on three years probation by the NCAA and was told, if another violation occurred during those three years, they (the Bruins) would receive the "death penalty".

In those three probation years, the (UC)LA Times reporters never mentioned that UCLA was on NCAA probation and never mentioned Tanya Harding's name again!

So why did Mr. Dufresne insinuate, unsubstantially, that USC will receive the "death penalty"?

He is biased for UCLA over USC!

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