Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh Where? Oh Where?

Has the USC Men's Basketball Team Gone?

NOWHERE! In the (UC)LA Times!

The Trojans upset the Washington Huskies last night in Seattle by the score of 62 to 60. The (UC)LA Times published NO article, NO picture and NO score of the USC victory in today's Sunday, 3/6/11 edition. Their excuse....the game "did not end until after this editions's deadline."

The Daily News published an article and a picture today of USC's Nikola Vucevic in reporter Tim Booth's article entitled "Trojans triumph against Huskies".

What about the UCLA football losses that ended after 9:30 p.m. last fall? The biased (UC)LA Times always features a front page picture and article of the Bruins, win or lose.

A UCLA football LOSS past the (UC)LA Times deadline time is published while a USC basketball WIN is NOT!

Oh, When? Oh, When? Will the Bruin BIAS over USC ever end?

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