Monday, March 28, 2011

Will the (UC)LA Times Learn From Its Mistakes?

What a difference between the (UC)LA Times opinion of VCU today, Monday, 3/28/11 and two weeks ago when VCU beat USC in the NCAA play-in game.

Saturday, March 19, 2011 Viewpoint Letters were vicious. Words such as "crummy Virginia Commonwealth, USC can now hang a "First Four" banner in the Galen Center, and USC's football team could have scored more than 22 points against VCU in the first half." VICIOUS!

Surprisingly, the (UC)LA Times printed Wayne Muramatsu's letter which rightly criticized all the vicious letters that were printed the previous week about VCU and USC.

Now, the (UC)LA Times had to eat crow and publish Chris Dufresne's complimentary article and two pictures about VCU winning its way to the Final Four.

The vicious Viewpoint Letters should never have been published!

The BIAS against USC and VCU ended with embarrassment!

Will the (UC)LA Times ever learn from its mistakes? Will it ever learn a lesson?

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